Tomorrow, the first day of the last term at KMA

It has been a few very relaxing weeks, featuring birthday, christmas, new year with a birthday surprise. I spent new years at my brother and it was great, I look forward to leave Småland for Stockholm, or at least move further north, closer to them.

I’m 30 years young now, as of the 23rd of december, and my brothers and their families gave me a trip with an air balloon for prezzie. YeY, I am certain that it is going to be great fun, I just have to remember not to forget my camcorder.

My grandparents gave my a pocket-flask that has a great deal of family history to it.
From my mother I got a gold ring, both for my birthday and to celebrate that I got my 2nd officer license. And my father gave me a beautiful knife that he in turn got from a lapp, he met a few years back.

Now, it is the last day of my presumably last educational holiday, it feels a bit strange, but at the same time it feels great to be able to see the light in the end of the tunnel. I’ll have to start looking for jobs now, at the same time i’m at university. It will most probably be a very hectic spring, but everything will turn out for the best. <-- Self Affirmation... Well, I better go back to the preparations, one of my teachers were kind enough to give us work for the holiday, but I refused, I really needed the break. So I’ll have to take care of that now instead. Have a continuing great start of the new year !!!

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