An other weekend in Nybro…

It has begun,
   I am back at KMA ( Kalmar Maritime Academy ) for my final year, 
   before my Master Mariner exam.  It has been an interesting summer, 
   the first summer in years in which I have been at home.
   And what a summer we had ! Warm and sunny, 
   I got plenty of things done at my parent’s house.
   The refurbishing is well under way, but there are always more work to be done. 😉 
   I was intending to continue my refurbishing here in Nybro as well, to be more precise, 
   this weekend, but because of an evil, annoying lumbago, I will have to postpone 
   those plans. Never the less, I could not stay perfectly still, so I spent my weekend 
   cleaning my whole apartment. Thorough cleaning of my aquarium and preparation 
   of lunches for next week. 
   So for the next 4-5 lunches I will enjoy a quite spicy and hearty curry chicken soup 😉
   All in all a rather fruitful weekend. 

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