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The lost symbol, I finally got around reading it…

I really enjoyed this book, Mr. Brown has once again succeeded in creating a thrilling, and mentally challenging story. If you like philosophy, there are a slight chance that you will find this book to be, even though fictional, a story that will spur you to dive into the ocean of contemplation. 

A very Merry Christmas !

A lovely Christmas Eve at my parents !

Another year has passed, and since of yesterday, I am a grownup, at last, and my grey temples more justice to my new found age. This year have been a very eventful year, and I guess that next year will be equally eventful. 
And with that short conclusion, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a perfect Christmas Eve !

Memories from my childhood…

This YouTube video, is something I remember from my childhood,
it is the poem, ”Tomten – en vintersaga” by Viktor Rydberg recited by Hilda Borgström.

One of these days I just might provide you with a rough translation.

Communication issues…

My old iPhone 3 and I are in disagreement at the moment.
It does not want to accept the electricity I am trying to feed it with…
So until further notice, I am without mobile phone…
I will try to resolve that issue tomorrow…

If any of you needs to reach me before I manage to get the issue resolved,
please feel free to use any of the methods listed below.

– Local Hamradio repeater ( Kalmar – SK7CA-R – 145,600 MHz ) EchoLink nod nr: 164541
– Morse code on agreed frequency
– Regular phone
– Semaphoring
– Signal flags
– Smoke signals
– Telepathy
– Teleportation


The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary

A mockumentary well worth a view !

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