Another day in paradise…

There is this book, Candide by Voltaire. The main character in the book in question, Candide, witch probably translates to something like gullible, is of the belief, no matter what happens to him, that he and his fellow characters live in ”the most perfect of worlds”.

I believe it is something to strive for, ”the most perfect of worlds”, but like capitalism or communism, or to be honest, most ”isms”, it is impossible, the most perfect of world will never be. Why you may ask, and I would answer that, the reason for this is that every is relative.

As a example, temperature, one person might love a indoor temperature of 20 ° centigrade, personally I would freeze like a Sphynx cat. I prefer to have at least 23 ° centigrade. I tend to get rather cold when I am sitting down to study or watch tv or whatever.

Of course, when I am in bed, under my thick down comforter, I love to have a cold bedroom, but thats a different story. What I am getting at is that like everything else, the temperature in my flat, relative me, is perfect, well not always since my flat is just a bit cold.

The world look rather different, depending on whose eyes you look upon the world with.

Everything is relative !

My poor schoolmates have heard this comment of mine too many times I guess, but I still believe it to be true. One can strive to make the world, the most perfect of worlds, but you will not ever succeed to 100 %. Depressing, maybe, but still it is a challenge to try to make the most of it !

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