Feeling a little bit dispirited…

For some reason, life is a gloomy, grey and rather unpleasant experience.
The only thing one can do, is to make most out of it.
It seldom turn out the way one was hoping for.

But still, everything is relative, someone’s loss is someone else’s gain.

To quote a fairly well known penguin :

’Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave ! ’

So far I think the exams have gone fairly well, so that is not the problem.
And even if it were, it is so easy to repair any damage done to one’s grades,
just redo the exam and the problem is solved.

Life is a totally different matter.

Sometimes when one hear a lyric, everything comes back to you, and this lyric and I have a past together. Or rather the emotions the lyric evocate, its strange, it does not get any easier as time goes by, quite the opposite !

The ”link” below is directed at YouTube and Katherine Jenkins
interpretation of ”Hallelujah”

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