Out there the howling wind is freezing !

First of all, Malwas 20th birthday celebration was a big success !
I think I managed to stay away from all cameras, but I did get a few good photos, that I sent to endlessnessego a.k.a. Misha. ” Tnx for the recognition, I realized that I altogether got around 650 photos that evening, not a very good success procent … 😉 ”

Another fun thing happened this weekend, my mum, who always try to point out my youth, told me something quite funny. On my 18’th birthday I got a navyblue Club Blazer, I still have it, and use it from time to time. This Weekend was one of the times.
Anyway, my mother pointed out that I have had good use of it, for a long time, quote ’for you are soon to be 30 after all’. She is precious… But for someone like me, who feel a great deal older the my physical age, that quote was rather fun.

Well, when I went back to Nybro I got problems with my mothers car, so I had to back to Norrköping. First I was thinking that I might be able to take the train, back to Nybro, but I could not afford it. And to be perfectly honest I did not feel like staying the night and go directly to school in Kalmar early in the morning. So I took my car, and a few hours later I was back ’Home’.

I have been in a rather blue fashion for about a year, and I gather it makes for rather hollow bloggposts. And for those of you that are a very real part of my life, I do know that, I am not, what you would say is, ”myself”. The paramount reason for this is that I feel like I am sort of missing my better half. So bear with me on my hollowness, I hope, that 2009 will give me the understanding I need to know where I should go from here.

Enough of self pity and dreams divorced from reality.
This year has only begun, it can only get better, right !?

And now for something completely different, to make you smile !

http://se.youtube.com/watch?v=IqhlQfXUk7w – Ministry of Silly Walks

This always makes me smile…

It also brings to mind, a afternoon on the ”Drottninggatan” in Norrköping, many years ago. But it was a delight, it is very easy to bring smiles to your fellow humans. You could start wear a hat, or take a walk, the silly stile…

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