Reach for the sky, or ocean rather !

It has been a few quite eventful weeks. 
I do have a tendency to overdo things, yet, in the long run, I think the positive effects outdo the negative ones. It has been a blast, manoeuvring exercises, meteorology, administration, case studies. I know for a fact, what I want to do in the future. I will probably try to find myself a job on a big company, outside of Europe, to get my wings… Or sails rather 😉

But once I have grown my own sails, I will return to the costal trade because the best thing with this job, is the manoeuvring, to become one with the ship. To know her, and her quirks, and guide her to where I want her to go.

One is never better then the ship you are  guiding, yet, one can strive to ever improve on one’s skill.  I guess that this is one of my many faults, I have a need to improve on myself no matter what. I never settle for what is good enough, even if I might say so to people who might be listening.

Life is a steep learning curve, and I try to climb a few step each day.  

M/S Lofoten, mooring…

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  1. Jenny skriver:

    You are very determined and that is one of your strengths. To have something to strive for in life, a goal to achieve is of great importance.
    So just climb and learn what life have to give.
    But know that your not alone in striving to improve, I think everyone is…. at their own pace.

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