Testing My iPad…

I was lucky enough to get an iPad for graduation present. And for the past days I have been searching AppStore for useable apps. One of the apps I would have liked to find is an iPad version of Posterous but no. So I’m using the iPhone version on my iPad at the moment. And it is not optimal.

I have found a few quite useful apps both for work and fun 😉
So I will not bring my old iBook to work…
And that decision saves me a few kilos I otherwise would have had to carry around.

Graduation, yes, my three years imprisoned in the academic world is now but a memory. And I look forward to get back to work.
Furthermore I look forward to move back north, Nybro is a nice little town, but it is situated way to far away from my family.

And, hopefully I’ll be able to get some antennas back up this autumn, at my new QTH, so moving, and first of all find the new QTH is a high priority issue.

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