The silence is no more ! ;-)

I’ve been silent for quite some time, been participating in an other blog.
Since the 14th of August 2009 quite a bit has happened.
I’ve managed to fall deeply in love and move together with a lovely girl,
but after some months we decided that we just might have pushed things forward
just a bit too fast. So we decided to part our ways whilst we are good friends.
I guess it is the natural order of things, nevertheless it is not fun, not fun at all…
The past year has been something of a rollercoaster.
By my own fault I managed to become ”in between jobs”.
So I have spent my summer refurbishing my parents house instead.
I have kept myself quite busy, yet it is not the same as being at work.
But, I’ve finished yet another of the years in Kalmar. 😉
And the last of those years starts the 17th of August,
in other words, not that many days left 😉

But before I go back to Kindergarten, I will accompany my parents to Norway,
and to be more precise Hurtigrutten. We will go by ship, M/S Nordnorge,
from Kirkenes to Bergen. My cameras are prepared, got a new tripod,
an extra telephoto lens, and my father got a new Xanti VPC CG100.
So hopefully I will have a lot of photographic material to share with the world
when we get back, or even during the trip,
it all depends on time and the possibilities on the ship.

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  1. Jenny skriver:

    Someone told me that ”life is serouis, you can die…” and ”you can´t have fun all the time”. No it´s not fun but this lovely girl agrees with you ( don´t act so surpriced…. 😉 )it´s the natural order of things. But friendship is a good thing that, in swedish sounds better, är få förunnat. Take care my friend. <3

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