Simple life

I bought a rosé wine today out of curiosity, AUSSIE – Flamingo Blush (nr 6452), and I got pleasantly surprised. Is a lovely wine to brighten up a rainy day, or to enjoy on a sunny balcony. It is not that sweet, but its just sweet enough, for a rosé wine.

The last exam-period for the term are about to start, fingers crossed…
And after that I will go back to work, or to be more precise M/T Ramira, I look forward to have a new ship, a lot of new things to learn. And as part of my summer I will try to read up on Astronomical Navigation and Morse. So that I will have a head start on next term.

There is light in the other end of the tunnel, I see it, and I long for it !

A new, real life worth living, and share with those I love and hold dear.

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