iPhone Apps…

Maybe this is not post about very necessary things, but still they are pretty useful. I have had my iPhone since last autumn, I waited for a eternity for it to be released in Sweden. Well, i am more then pleased with it, it was well worth the wait.

It gives me the possibility to stay in touch, even when I am at sea. I do not have to bring my bulky old iBook anymore, to have internet, mail, msn, skype and like.

Well than, what have I bought, or got for free from Appstore ?

All links are for iTunes Appstore !

Social networking

It is a app for connecting to and using Facebook, a bit buggy, but it works…
I just downloaded it today, and it might replace Parlingo on my iPhone,
if the skype part works well.
The App I have been using for MSN, it works very well …
This program might not need a introduction, but its for Twitter,
it works well, and most of the times it workes flawlessly, but there are times…


My utility for easy blogging, has not been working very well lately,
so I might see if i can find a replacement.
Free RSS
Downloaded it today, but it seem to work great,
it seem to be rather bandwith efficient, and that is quite important whilst I am at sea.


Easy writer
This app is for easy emailwriting, and is free, and plain and simple, great !
For translating words, quite useful.
Air sharing
For keeping all those essential documents with you, where ever you go.
A app for weather forecasts and conditions from airport weather stations.
A really great app, for weather forcasts,
i am looking forward testing this ”Current postition button” whilst out at sea…

For fun

All recipes
Ever have had a evening, when you cant decide upon what to cook for dinner ?
At the moment this App need improvement, but for Swedish users,
it is a good way for keeping track of your favorite wine at Systembolaget.
For listning to radio.
Sol Free
Solitaire, it does what it is built for.

For a little philosophy project i am working on…

Holy Bible
There is a Swedish translation from 1917 you can download.
There are a lot of different language versions !
I have to learn to use this App, but I have been meening to read it for a long time…

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